Spice Up Your Life….

I have been pleasantly surprised how much I have got into the Olympics. I must admit during the build up wasn’t even thinking of watching it but rom the opening ceremony I have had it on the TV at every moment.

The Mens swimming and gymnastics team might have had something to do with it at the start but apart from their hunky frame I have been very proud to be British watching it and have been getting a tad emotional watching TEAM GB especially winning all their gold,silver & bronze medals.

It has made me feel that I am probably not the sporty-ish person in the world but it does make you want to exercise and train at something. (I’ll stick to zumba for now)

What I am really wanting to talk about was the best after party ever, The closing ceremony was on last night and I couldn’t wait to see the Spice Girls as were many waiting to re-live our youth and rock our dance moves again. They didn’t disappoint either all the Spice’s looking fabulous, Victoria wearing a fabulous fitted black dress by Giles Deacon, Mel B wearing a stunning embellished bodysuit by Zuhair Murad, Mel C in a white flared jumpsuit, Emma wearing a very cute pink shift dress with embellished shoulders and last but not least Geri would a fitted flame red dress with a glimpse of the union jack on her bum, finished off with gold tiara.

Apparently that was the last time they are going to perform and it was spectacular all arriving in their personalised spiced-up taxi cabs, judging by the pics maybe they have all got the bug back for performing. Lets hope so!

Yo heres the story from A-Z ………


Natalie x x

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