MTV VMAs 2013….

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There has been a lot of controversy regarding this years VMAs with Miley Cyrus performance with Robin Thicke as she didn’t leave much to the imagination wearing a nude skin tight PVC two – piece. As a designer you can’t get much inspiration from it but as a performer she is there to entertain and wear what she likes I suppose and if you’ve got the figure and the confidence why not? I personally think she might be trying to convince us a little too much that she isn’t still Hannah Montana and she is growing up but really does she have to try so hard? Anyway you look at it she has a very clever team behind her as we all talking about it after all.


Anyway lets talk about the red carpet, who was your favorite? I absolutely loved Ellie Golding’s dress. Fitted dove grey number completely covered in biker studs, high neck and high split to give it that sex appeal. It had a very flattering cut around the arms slightly falling over those little armpit bits we all hate. She teamed it with some simple grey shoes too make simple make and effortless hair.


Katy Perry was trying to work the same silhouette with a shorter length but I wasn’t personally too keen on the length it either had to be more fitted along the hem or with no split? What do you think?


Now Rita Ora I think stole the show with her pale blue feather dress but I don’t know if the black panel works on the dress though what do you think? I absolutely love the top half low cut with embellishment and if you can get away with a full train of glamorous ostrich feathers then why wouldn’t you. It’s different to her more casual style and would love to see her showing that amazing figure off more.


Another favorite is Selena Gomaz her fitted floor length dress was very stylish and I loved how complicated it was but didn’t look OTT mixing underwear inspired cut lace with boned designing with a thick navy fabric which flattered her shape. I love the quirky opening of the clasps running down the dress as if it had been left open revealing her underwear very sexy.



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