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Q What does Love Frocks do?
A Love Frocks is mainly a fashion design service creating glamorous one-off designs made to measure. After numerous customers asking if we rent our dresses as they have left it too late to order or they are thinking they don’t want to spend a lot on a boring work night out but still want to look fabulous we have started to hire out our sample dresses. Launched in October 2013 .

Q How long has Love Frocks been around?
A Love Frocks was started in September 2008 by Fashion Design and has been growing ever since.

Q How does Love Frocks Hiring Service work?
A Go to the ready to buy section on our site www.lovefrocks.com and click on the Rental Service Section and start browsing the catalogue of designs. Select the design you like and click through to see more details. Enter your desired size and rental dates to check availability. Click Rent Now and have your gorgeous dress delivered to you.

Q What if my dress does not arrive in time?
A If, in spite of our best efforts, if your dress doesn’t reach you on time, please do give us a call on 01928 513001 and we’ll do whatever we can to resolve the situation.

Q How do I rent from Love Frocks?
A Browse our selection of dresses
Find “The One” from our endless selection of dresses.
Select your size, along with your free alternative size, rental dates and return delivery option.
Return – On the last day of your rental period, just pop the dress into the pre-paid envelope and take it to the nearest Post Office before 4pm. No fuss about dry-cleaning or washing – we take care of all that for you.

Q How do I know my order will arrive in time?
A We are committed to making sure your dress reaches you in time for your event, so we send the dress by Next Day Special Courier, to arrive on your designated day. We’ll send an email confirmation as soon as your dress is sent.

Q What if I want to cancel my order?
A You can cancel your order any time before it’s sent for a full refund. If the dress has been sent out to you and you wish to cancel it, you will need to mail it back to us on the same day before 4pm. You will receive a refund for the rental price minus delivery charges. We are happy to accept returns if the original tag is intact. If there is a problem with the dress, please let us know on 01928 513001 and we will send you a replacement immediately.

Q When should I try on my dress?
A Ideally, as soon as you receive it, so if you need to cancel your order if it doesn’t fit etc. You can send it back before 4pm the same day.

Q How do I know a size will fit?
A All our sizes are describe with the measurements in inches you can use out measurement chart to help you know where to measure yourself.

Q How do I know that the dress is clean?
A Every dress is cleaned meticulously by a specialist dry-cleaner before we send it out again.

Q What if my dress gets stained or damaged?
A We understand that minor mishaps can happen. So really, don’t worry! All dresses are covered for these. Minor stains and small repairs are easily taken care of by our expert dry-cleaner so you can relax and enjoy the dress.
In case of major damages (a burn in the dress, theft, or a dress ripped at the seams), we would have to charge your credit card for the full retail price of the dress.

Q What happens if my dress becomes unavailable?
A In the unlikely event that the dress you have booked is not available, we’ll be in touch immediately. We’ll do everything we can to get you another dress – we will never leave you without anything spectacular to wear.

Q How many dresses can I order at a time?
A As many as you want! There is no limit to the amount of designs you can order from us at Love Frocks

Q What if I want to keep my dress?
A We know that this is a likely possibility. You could easily fall in love with one of our fabulous designs! If you would like to purchase the dress you have hired please get in touch by email info@lovefrocks.com and if we have no one booked in for that dress after you it’s yours!!

Q How will Love Frocks send me my dress?
A We’ll send your dress by Special Next-Day Courier, Monday-Friday, so it’s guaranteed to be with you the next day of your order – but please make sure someone is there to sign for it! The delivery will happen between 08:00 – 18:00
If you just can’t wait you can for it to be delivered pop into our showroom Love Frocks, 68 Main Street Frodsham Cheshire WA6 7AU and have a try on of all our fabulous dresses.

Q How do I return my dress?
A It’s easy.
After your event, just pop the dress back into the pre-paid Royal Mail envelope and take it to the Special Delivery section at your nearest Post Office. Hold on to your postage receipt just in case something should go wrong.

There’s no need to clean it or to iron it – our expert dry-cleaner takes care of that.

Late Returns (Naughty!)
Returning your dress late can be a bit of a disaster, for us and for you. It will cost you money (up to 30% of the rental price per day), and it could also leave a fellow Love Frocks girl stranded. So please return your dress on time, and in return we promise to always have something beautiful for you to wear.
If you are super naughty and do not return the dress within 5 days of end of your rental, we will have to charge you the full retail price.
Please do let us know as soon as possible at info@lovefrocks.com if you think you will be late returning your dress.

Q How much does shipping cost?
A The dress is shipped to you by Special Next Day Delivery, which costs just £7.00. Return shipping is free!

Q What if I want my dress delivered to an address other than my home? Like an office or a hotel?
A That’s no problem, as long as it’s a secure location and not a P.O Box. Please put the name of the hotel or office in the address and on the top line, the name of the person who has a reservation at the hotel. Please ensure that security or a concierge at that location is ready to take delivery of the dress and sign for it.

Q What if I misplace/lose my return envelope?
A If you misplace or lose your pre-paid return envelope and shipping label, you’ll need to pop into the Post Office and buy another one. If you need any help, do get in touch with us on info@lovefrocks.com.

Q I want something that is not currently offered by Love Frocks
A Let us know! We love to hear what our customers would like to see on Wish Want Wear. Contact us at info@lovefrocks.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!